Fintech Revolution in Malaysian Banking Industry


  • Saleh Husseini Universiti Tishreen


The innovative use of technology in finance is posing challenges to many traditional business models for the application of cutting-edge technologies to financial services at a global level (a phenomenon known as Fintech). From there, we analyze the implications that this trend is having on the development of the banking system, with particular focus on the case of Malaysian banks. In this field, digital platforms are competing vigorously, although large technology companies have clear advantages (most regarding user data) should they decide to enter Fintech full-on.  It is worth mentioning the specific business approaches of Google (cloud service - cybersecurity -Big Data), and the “digital-wallets” are growing as important alternatives within the context of financial markets, representing a source of tension for the traditional banking business. The conclusion is that the traditional banking industry perceives latent competitive threats from this Fintech revolution. That is why it has awakened in recent years with waves of acquisitions-alliances with Fintech start-ups.




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