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Online banking is becoming a new focus as the number internet users is increasing globally and its benefits. This study aimed to determine the quality service on online banking towards young users in Melaka. The important of this research was to ensure that bank institutions provide the best services to their customers. By late October 2018, total online banking subscribers totalled 29.0 million representing 90.5% of Malaysia's total population using online banking services offered by 32 local and international banks. The research carried out to get the view what are the services that needed by the online banking user to be implement by the bank institutions. Furthermore, delivering high quality services is a way bank institution manage to improve their customer relationships. In this research, data was collected through questionnaire, research strategy was survey with total 384 respondents and the analysis is carrying out using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) and Microsoft Excel. In addition, the result of this research showed of security and privacy service quality is the most significant relevance that affects young user perception in Melaka. From the results, it was proved that bank institutions provide good services to their customers. Data about consumers help bank institutions to define the need and identify the opportunities and threats for a service. Customer response was ultimate test of whether a service strategy will succeed.



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