Factors Affecting The Public Acceptance Towards Waste Separation At Household Level


  • Nurhayati Binti Kamarudin Technical University of Malaysia, Melaka Universiti Teknikal
  • Nurul Zarirah Nizam Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka


The willingness and ethical behaviour of the locals are crucial to the effectiveness of trash separation at the source. Malaysia has a low participation percentage in waste separation, hence it is urgent to encourage household garbage separation practises. Even though the Separation at Source Initiative (SSI) mandated by the Solid Garbage and Public Cleansing Management became mandatory required residents to separate waste in their homes, households continued to oppose the SSI. It is important to carefully examine the elements that influence and forbid waste separation practises at the source; this requires additional research on several acceptance characteristics, including social behaviour, culture, and policy change. The purpose of this paper to determine the factors of acceptance towards separation waste disposal at household level, to identify the most factors contribute to the acceptance of public toward waste separation and to investigate public environmental concern toward waste problem. The scope of this research is focuses on the perception of Malaysian public household and how likely they want to associate with waste disposal, involve young adult generation that engage with daily domestic waste. The research study is decided to focus on the state of Melaka and part of Kedah state. The sample size of respondents has been determined by using formula developed by Krejcie and Morgan (1970) will be targeted the total of 231 respondents. The reliability for the questionnaires was significant with Cronbach‟s Alpha value was 0.853. This can be concluded that culture, social behavior and policy change have a positive relationship with willingness to change to waste separation at household.


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